Carol’s Courses & Events

I have a great news! We now offer a course on the Teachable Platform.

This course is self-paced and faith based. It’s a course that gives you instruction and encouragement to address those challenges in your past, that seemed to hold you back and make you feel like you aren’t moving forward. Are you ready to make a CHANGE in your life? Do you want to be set FREE from all this emotional/mental anguish you are facing so often? Are you tired of figuring out your life on your own?

If your answer is YES, I highly encourage YOU to check out our course: The Burning Bush Experience Challenge.

You can watch a PREVIEW for FREE which consists of a few videos and one tutorial video. After going through the preview, we believe you will see if this course will be a good fit for YOU! Our lessons are under 20 minutes long and several include downloadable pdfs.

Why not click on this link below NOW!